Library Information Technology - DNS Photos

Days 2-7 - Ground Floor ... Scroll ---------------------------------------
Water line on wall Tech services entrance Is that a printer submerged in the corner? Where did all the walls go? One of the lockers that punctured the walls Lots of water still under there We can see the floor! Last week it was chocolate pudding Our former store room Good thing those were obsolete manuals One way to "dispose" of old equipment Elevator "well" Elevator shaft full of water and much much more Gov Docs Store room mold farm Gov Docs Store room Maps - there's the chocolate pudding floor Crunched shelves Staffroom

Server graveyard ... Scroll -----

CPU morgue CPU views Dead server disk array Dirty servers Aloha library web server CPU parts everywhere Piles and piles of CPUs Parts, parts, parts See thru CPU Server guts everywhere Mud Mud Mud Mud Mud Mud Shuhai backup stuffed with mud Mud filled Voyager server Do muddy backup tapes work?

Week 3-4 ... Scroll -----

Watch your step! Extension cord heaven Fiber optic strand sorting Network fine motor skills Which color wire goes where? It's hard to see the plug by flashlight Connectivity Magic in progress

Dells roll in .Week 5 ... Scroll ----

Dells by the truck load Coming through! Push, no wait, Pull Will this fit in the elevator? Delicate surgery Bob the knife expert at work Tom's upper body program Bucket brigade Don't drop anything Keep passing those boxes We've got room for more ...