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An Annotated Guide to Sources of Information in Hawaii


Abbreviations to Locations


Hawaii War Records Depository

Oral Histories



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'Ahahui Ho'oulu a Ho'ola Lahui.
Papers, 1877-1907.  (BM)


'Ahahui Ka'ahumanu.
Papers, 1915-1923.  (BM)


Alexander, Abigail Charlotte (Baldwin), 1833-1913.
Letters and journals, 1842-1906.  (HMCS)


Alexander, Martha Eliza (Cooke), 1840-1919.
Letters, 1857-1884, 1906-1918.  (HMCS)


Alexander, Mary Ann (McKinney), 1810-1888.
Letters, 1885-1887; journals, 1831-1833.  (HMCS)


Andrews, Fanny Perkins, 1856-1920.
Diary, 1870-1877.  (HMCS)


Andrews, Lucy Caroline, 1853-1939.
Letters, 1862-1900.  (HMCS)


Andrews, Mary Ann (Wilson), 1804-1879.
Diary, 1828-1834.  (HHS)
Letters, 1829-1838, 1873-1877.  (HMCS)


Andrews, Parnelly (Pierce), 1807-1846.
Letters, 1837-1846; journal, 1842.  (HMCS)


Andrews, Samantha Washburne (Gilson), 1828-1904.
Letters, 1865-1880.  (HMCS)


Appleton, Vivia B., 1921-1976
Papers (Child development & Public health). (1 linear foot)  (UHM - Archives)


Armstrong, Clarissa (Chapman), 1805-1891.
Letters, 1831-1890; reminiscences; journals, 1831-1838.  (HMCS)


Armstrong, Mary Jane Graham, 1836-1920.
Letters, 1848-1860.  (HMCS)


Atherton, Juliette Montague (Cooke), 1843-1921.
Letters, 1853-1883.  (HMCS)


Austin, Caroline Hannah (Clark), 1836-1915.
Letters, 1850-1915.  (HMCS)


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Bailey, Caroline (Hubbard), 1814-1894.
Letters, 1837-1860.  (HMCS)


Baldwin, Charlotte (Fowler), 1805-1873.
Letters, 1830-1866; journals, 1830-1831.  (HMCS)


Baldwin, Emily Whitney (Alexander), 1846-1943.
Letters, 1868, 1893-1943.  (HMCS)


Banning, Clarissa Hannah (Armstrong), 1840-1904.
Letters, 1852-1880.  (HMCS)


Barrere, Dorothy (Bennett).
Papers and research, 1960-1985.  (BM)


Barrere, Rosalind (Waldron).
Reminiscences regarding amateur theatricals in Honolulu.  1965.  (BM)


Beckwith, Caroline Porter (Armstrong), 1832-1905.
Letters, 1837-1857, 1875-1876.  (HMCS)


Beckwith, Martha W., 1871-1959.
Papers.  (BM)


Benfield, Mary Howe (Thurston) Heydon, 1831-1889.
Letters, 1850, 1852.  (HMCS)


Bicknell, Ellen Mariner (Bond), 1841-1922.
Letters, 1875, 1888.  (HMCS)


Bingham, Elizabeth Kaahumanu, 1829-1899.
Letters, 1857-1885.  (HMCS)


Bingham, Minerva Clarissa (Brewster), 1834-1903.
Letters, 1872, 1878-1897; journals, 1875-1885.  (HMCS)


Bingham, Sybil (Moseley), 1792-1848.
Letters, 1811-1848; journals, 1811-1847.  (HMCS)


Bishop, Bernice Pauahi, 1831-1884.
Papers, including journals for 1843-45 and 1875-76 and chants collected for her and relating to her.  (BM)


Bishop, Cornelia Ann (Sessions), 1826-1920.
Letters, 1852-1876; journal, 1852.  (HMCS)


Bishop, Delia (Stone), 1800-1875.
Letters, 1824-1854; journal, 1829-1830.  (HMCS)


Bishop, Elizabeth (Edwards), 1798-1828.
Letters, 1819-1828; journal fragments, 1819-1827.  (HMCS)


Blatchely, Jemima (Marvin), 1791-1856.
Letters, 1824-1828.  (HMCS)


Bliss, Emily (Curtis), 1811-1866.
Letters, 1826-1842.  (HMCS)


Bond, Caroline Sophia, 1854-1943.
Letters, 1873-1880.  (HMCS)


Bond, Ellen Mariner (Howell), 1817-1881.
Letters, 1838-1848, 1876-1877.  (HMCS)


Bond, Emma Mary (Benton), 1866-1951.
Letters, 1895, 1925, 1943.  (HMCS)


Brown, Elizabeth D.C.
Botanical notes and papers, 1920s.  (BM)


Brown, Lydia, 1780-1865.
Letters, 1835-1848, 1851-1855.  (HMCS)


Brown, Marie H.
Biographical notes on Rose Davison and Emma Metcalf Ahuena Davison Taylor. 1940.  (BM)


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Carter, Charlotte Adelaide, 1860-1936.
Letters and papers, 1866-1893.  (HMCS)


Carter, Sybil Augusta (Judd), 1843-1904.
Letters, 1874-1879, 1883-1885.  (HMCS)


Castle, Angeline Loraine (Tenney), 1810-1841.
Letters, 1837-1839.  (HMCS)


Castle, Harriet Angeline.
SEE Coleman, Harriet Angeline (Castle), 1847-1924.


Castle, Hattie Ethelwyn Alfred, 1872-1940.
Letters and personal papers, 1908-1929.  (HMCS)


Castle, Mabel Rosemund (Wing), 1864-1950.
Letters and personal papers, 1900-1934.  (HMCS)


Castle, Mary (Tenney), 1819-1907.
Letters, 1873-1885.  (HMCS)


Chamberlain, Celia Peninnah (Wright), 1831-1907.
Letters, 1855-1856; journal, 1855.  (HMCS)


Chamberlain, Maria (Patton), 1803-1880.
Letters, 1822-1880; journals and diaries, 1828-1859.  (HMCS)


Clark, Harriet E. Merrill (Hutchinson), 1832-1861.
Letters and journals, 1853-1861.  (HMCS)


Clark, Mary (Kittredge), 1803-1857.
Letters, 1823-1856.  (HMCS)


Clarke, Jane B.C.
Biography of Keopuolani.  (BM)


Cleghorn, Archibald Scott, 1835?-1910.
Papers, including correspondence of his wife, Princess Likelike, 1851-1887, and his daughter, Princess Ka'iulani, 1875-1899.  (HSA)


Coan, Fidelia (Church), 1810-1872.
Letters, 1838-1860.  (HMCS)


Coan, Harriet Fidelia, 1839-1906.
Letters, 1863-1880.  (HMCS)


Coan, Lydia (Bingham), 1834-1915.
Letters, 1843-1909.  (HMCS)


Coleman, Harriet Angeline (Castle), 1847-1924.
Letters and papers, 1908-1924.  (HMCS)


Conde, Andelucia (Lee), 1810-1855.
Letters, 1832-1853; journals, 1837-1849.  (HMCS)


Cooke, Juliette (Montague), 1812-1896.
Letters, 1836-1896; journals, 1837-1839.  (HMCS)


Cooke, Lilanet (Lydgate).
Letters, 1881-1888.  (HMCS)


Cooke, Maude Mansfield (Baldwin), 1872-1961.
Letters, 1944-1945.  (HMCS)


Cooper, Lucy C., 1878-1947.
Papers, 1911-1937, primarily diaries kept as an innkeeper at Hau'ula, Oahu.  (HSA)


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Damon, Ethel Moseley, 1883-1965.
Lady Franklin and the Sandwich Islands.  (HHS)


Damon, Ethel Moseley, 1883-1965.
Letters sent and received, 1932-1945.  (HMCS)


Daughters of Hawaii.
Memorabilia, 1923-24.  (BM)


Dibble, Maria M. (Tomlinson), 1808-1837.
Letters, 1833-1837.  (HMCS)


Dickson, Laura Fish (Judd), 1835-1888.
Letters, 1855-1868; journals, 1848-1850.  (HMCS)


Diell, Caroline A. (Platt), 1807-1901.
Letters, 1832-1841, 1845.  (HMCS)


Dillingham, Emma Louise (Smith), 1844-1920.
Letters, 1865-1911.  (HMCS)


Dimond, Ann Maria (Anner), 1808-1893.
Letters, 1837-1838, 1846-1847.  (HMCS)


Dole, Anna Prentice (Cate), 1841-1918.
Letters, 1873-1914.  (HMCS)


Dole, Charlotte (Close) Knapp, 1813-1874.
Letters, 1836-1873; journals, 1836-1846. .  (HMCS)


Dole, Clara Maria (Rowell), 1847-1916.
Letters, 1866-1874, 1885.  (HMCS)


Dole, Emily Hoyt (Ballard), 1807-1844.
Letters, 1832-1844.  (HMCS)


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East Maui Seminary
SEE Maunaolu Seminary


Edmondson, Margaret B.
Memorabilia, 1908-1953.  (BM)


Ely, Louisa (Everest), 1795-1848.
Letters, 1823-1824; diary, 1822-1823.  (HMCS)


Emerson, Dorothea (Lamb), 1859-1936.
Letters, 1883-1928.  (HMCS)


Emerson, Ursula Sophia (Newell), 1806-1888.
Letters and papers, 1836-1888.  (HMCS)


Emma, Queen, 1836-1885.
Letter, 1861 to Mrs. Edward Livingstone Youmans (Catherome B. Youmans).  (UHM - Rare Hawn)


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Farley, Anna Juliette (Smith).
SEE Smith, Anna Juliette, 1857-1900.


Farrington, Elizabeth (Pruitt), 1898-1984.
Papers, 1954-1956, as Hawaii’s delegate to Congress.  (HSA)
Report of her record in Congress, August 7, 1956.  (HHS)


Fennel, Nancy.
Reminiscences of Dr. and Mrs. George Straub.  1966.  (BM)


Field, Kate, 1838-1896.
Letters to Severance family, 1896.  (HMCS)


Forbes, Maria Jane (Chamberlain), 1832-1909.
Letters, 1845-1888.  (HMCS)


Forbes, Rebecca Duncan (Smith), 1805-1878.
Letters, 1832-1878.  (HMCS)


Foster, Mary E. (Robinson), 1844-1930.
Papers, 1844-1961, primarily business and land records, including estate.  (HSA)


Franklin, Jane (Lady), 1792-1875.
Collection, 1860-1881.  (UHM - Rare Hawn)
Also on microfilm.  (UHM)


Fraser, Juliette May, 1887-1983.
Papers, including mural drawings, photographs, and sketch books.  (UHM - Charlot)


Furstenburg, Barbara.
(College of Continuing Education and Community Service [CCECS] materials on lecture series [unprocessed].)  (UHM - Archives)


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Goodrich, Martha (Barnes), 1801-1840.
Letters, 1822-1835; journal, 1822-1823.  (HMCS)


Gower, Mary T.
Correspondence, 1851-1855, to relatives re family and business matters on Maui sugar plantation.  (IN: John T. Gower Collection).  (BM)


Grant, Mary Bradley, 1839-1881.
Journal, including voyage to Hawaii, 1874.  (BM)


Green, Asenath Cargill (Spring), 1820-1894.
Letters, 1863-1892.  (HMCS)


Green, Mary Elizabeth, 1830-1902.
Letters, 1840-1882; reports, 1890-1892.  (HMCS)


Green, Theodotia (Arnold), 1792-1859.
Letters, 1828-1838, 1843; journal, 1827-1828.  (HMCS)


Gulick, Ann Eliza (Clark), 1833-1938.
Letters, 1850-1900; journals and diaries, 1849-1865, 1886, 1899-1927.  (HMCS)


Gulick, Fanny Hinckley (Thomas), 1798-1883.
Letters, 1827-1867, 1879.  (HMCS)


Gulick, Julia Ann Eliza, 1845-1936.
Letters, 1857-1918.  (HMCS)


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Hall, Sarah Lyon (Williams), 1812-1876.
Letters, 1837, 1846, 1848.  (HMCS)


Hall, Sophia Elizabeth, 1836-1863.
Letters, 1850, 1859.  (HMCS)


Hamilton, Helene.
Papers, 1913-1916, related to vaudeville performances.  (BM)


Handy, Willodean W., d. 1965.
Papers.  (BM)


Hawaii Women’s Republican Auxiliary Club.
Papers, 1922-1923.  (BM)


Hay, Elizabeth Woodbury (Lyons), 1842-1913.
Letters, 1854-1904.  (HMCS)


Hayes, Eloise.
Papers, 1965-1976 (Creative Expression Program, College of Education)  (UHM - Archives)


Hillebrand, Jane Elizabeth (Bishop), 1825-1904.
Letters, 1835-1902.  (HMCS)


Hitchcock, Almeda Elizabeth (Widger), 1828-1910.
Letters, 1857-1877; journal, 1857.  (HMCS)


Hitchcock, Millie E.
Journal as a teacher at Kamehameha School for Girls, October 1899-1900.  (BM)


Hitchcock, Rebecca (Howard), 1808-1890.
Letters, 1830-1882; journals, 1831-1862.  (HMCS)


Hobbs, Jean F., d. 1953.
Papers. (unprocessed)  (HSA)


Holman, Lucia (Ruggles), 1793-1886.
Letters, 1819-1820.  (HMCS)


Hoomanawanui, Hattie.
Letters, 1885-1887.  (HMCS)


Housewives’ League of Hawaii.
Constitution, by-laws, and minutes, 1920-1924.  (HHS)


Howland, Deborah M., 1827-1853.
Journals of voyages from Hawaii to Massachusetts (1847) and from the U.S. to Hawaii (1848-1849).  (HSA)


Hui Manu.
Records, 1930-1968, of the society of women who introduced many birds into Hawaii.  (HSA)


Hunt, Mary Halsted (Hedges), 1821-1861.
Letters, 1845-1846.  (HMCS)


Hyde, Mary T. (Knight), 1840-1917.
Letters, 1899-1901.  (HMCS)


International Institute of Hawaii.
Records, 1919-1970, of a social agency founded to assist immigrants and non-English speaking women in Hawaii.  (HSA)


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Isenberg, Mary Dorothea (Rice), 1862-1949.
Family papers, 1860-1934.  (BM)


Ives, Mary Ann (Brainerd), 1810-1882.
Letters, 1837-1853; journals, 1837-1841.  (HMCS)


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Jackson, Frances.
Papers, 1954-1980. Strength in historic sites and Waianae District Neighborhood Planning Commission.  (UHM - Archives)


Jaggar, Isabel.
In pursuit of the goddess of volcanoes, personal reminiscences of Kďlauea activity, May-June 1922.  (BM)


Jenkins, Martha Ann (Chamberlain), 1833-1913.
Letters, 1844-1902; journals, 1846-1854.  (HMCS)


Johnson, Lois S. (Hoyt), 1809-1891.
Letters, 1837-1883; journals, 1836-1838.  (HMCS)


Johnson, Rubellite Kawena.
Papers, 1953-1975 (Hawaiian language), books, articles, pageant in ms, scrapbook.  (UHM - Archives)


Jones, Maude, 1889-1955.
Papers.  (HSA)


Jones, Stella Maude, 1887-1971.
Research notes for a Kaua'i social history, 1930-1944.  (BM)


Judd, Helen Seymour, 1833-1911.
Journals, 1844-1845, 1848-1851, 1855-1856.  (HMCS)


Judd, Laura (Fish), 1804-1872.
Letters, 1836-1847.  (HMCS)


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Ka'ahumanu, Queen.
Letters, 1825-1832.  (HMCS)


Kaeppler, Adrienne L.
Papers, 1970-1979.  (BM)


Kahaulellio, Margaret.
Letters, 1878, 1883-1884.  (HMCS)


Kahokuoluna, Alice L., 1888-1957.
Letters, 1915-1946.  (HMCS)


Ka'iulani, Princess, 1875-1899.
Papers, including chants collected by her or written for her.  (BM)
SEE ALSO Cleghorn, Archibald Scott.  (HSA)


Kaiulani Home for Girls.
Records, 1904-1932.  (BM)


Kalaniana'ole, Princess, 1879-1932.
SEE Woods, Elizabeth Kahanu.


Kapi'olani, Queen, 1834-1899.
Papers, including account books and list of properties.  (BM)
Account books and inventories of property.  (HSA)


Kapiolani Maternity Home.
Records, 1896-1937.  (BM)


Kapule, Deborah, queen of Kauai, d. 1853.
Letters, 1830, 1843.  (HMCS)


Kawaiahao Seminary.
Reports and correspondence, 1871-1891.  (HMCS)


Ke'elikolani, Ruth, Princess, 1826-1883.
Papers, including business correspondence.  (BM)


Kekauluohi, Miriam, d. 1845.
Letters, 1842-1843.  (HMCS)


Kďna'u, Queen, d. 1839.
Letters, 1830-1839.  (HMCS)


Kinney, Maria Louisa (Walsworth), 1822-1858.
Letters, 1847-1858; journal, 1847-1848.  (HMCS)


Knapp, Charlotte (Close).
See Dole, Charlotte (Close) Knapp.  (HMCS)


Kohala Girls’ School.
Reports and correspondence, 1874-1946.  (HMCS)


Krauss, Beatrice.
Photographs, 1921-1924.  (UHM - Archives)


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Lafon, Sofia Louisa (Parker) 1812-1844.
Letters, 1837-1843.  (HMCS)


Leadingham, Anna Mayo (Rich), 1857-1913.
Letters, 1897-1905.  (HMCS)


League of Women Voters of Hawaii.
Records, 1922-1936. (Not a predecessor of present LWV)  (HSA)


Li, Tai Heung Kong, 1875-1951.
Physicians record of births, ca. 1897-1938, kept by first Chinese woman doctor in Hawaii.  (HSA)


Lies, Estrella C. (Mott).
Honolulu 1848 (memoirs) and letters.  (HHS)


Likelike, Miriam, Princess, 1851-1887.
Papers, including chants collected by her and written for or by her.  (BM)

SEE ALSO Cleghorn, Archibald Scott.


Lili'uokalani, Queen, 1838-1917.
Papers, including diaries for 1887-1889, 1893-1894, 1906; business records; music and lyrics to songs she composed; invitations and calling cards.  (HSA)
Papers, including diaries 1878, 1885, 1886, 1892, 1898, 1901-1903, 1906, books of chants collected by her or concerning her, and original musical compositions and published versions.  (BM)


Locke, Martha Laurens (Rowell), 1812-1842.
Letters and journals, 1837-1842.  (HMCS)


Loomis, Maria Theresa (Sartwell), 1796-1862.
Letters, 1820-1837; journals, 1819-1827, 1835-1854.  (HMCS)


Low, Elizabeth (Napoleon), d. 1921.
Letters, 1887-1907.  (HMCS)


Lucas, Clorinda (Low), 1895-1986.
Papers. (unprocessed)  (HSA)


Luomala, Katharine, 1907-1992.
Papers, 1946-1992.  (BM)
Papers.  (UHM - Archives)


Lyman, Isabella (Chamberlain), 1838-1901.
Letters, 1845-1887; diaries, 1859-1900.  (HMCS)


Lyman, Molly (Webster).
Memoirs, 1910-1980, with emphasis on 1934-1938 student life at University of Hawaii.  (UHM - Archives)


Lyman, Sarah (Joiner), 1805-1885.
Letters, 1831-1885; diaries and journals, 1830-1878.  (HMCS)


Lyman, Sarah Kittredge (Clark), 1838-1900.
Letters, 1850-1879.  (HMCS)


Lyons, Betsey (Curtis), 1813-1837.
Letters, 1831-1836; journal, 1831-1837.  (HMCS)


Lyons, Elizabeth Woodbury.
SEE Hay, Elizabeth Woodbury (Lyons).


Lyons, Julia Elizabeth (Vernon).
Letters, 1853-1877.  (HMCS)


Lyons, Lucia Garratt (Smith), 1808-1892.
Letters, 1837-1854, 1884-1889.  (HMCS)


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Mader, Vivienne C., d. 1972.
Papers concerning the hula.  (BM)


Makawao Female Seminary.
SEE Maunaolu Seminary.


Martin, B. Jean.
Papers, 1973-1978 (Anthropology at Leeward and Kaua'i Community College) includes lecture notes and course outline on Interpretive Skills and Techniques course.  (UHM - Archives)


Mason, Mrs. George.
Letters from Lahaina, Maui, 1866.  (HHS)


Maunaolu Seminary.
Reports and correspondence, 1866-1946.  (HMCS)


McIntosh, Alice Churchill (Castle), b. 1914.
Letters, 1934, 1936.  (HMCS)


McKay, Helen, 1837-1971.
Papers, including memoirs for the years 1895-1941, and journal from December 7, 1941 to April 7, 1946.  (HSA)


McPherson, Mary Lou.
Papers, 1957-1973 (Specialist in Student Affairs; HGEA University of Hawaii Chapter Secretary) includes board minutes, memos, legislative materials, questionnaires, etc.  (UHM - Archives)


Mellen, Kathleen D., 1895-1969.
Papers, primarily notes on Hawaiian history.  (BM)


Miller, Carly Dunlap, 1922-1977.
(Foods and Nutrition) includes correspondence, faculty files on students’ work at University of Hawaii, trips, personal, and miscellaneous materials by Miller.  Photographs - negatives removed to Photograph Collection (University of Hawaii) in Hamilton Library.  (UHM - Archives)


Mills, Susan Lincoln (Tolman), 1819-1884.
Letters, 1861-1864.  (HMCS)


Montano, Mary Jane Kekulani (Fayerweather), 1842-1930.
Papers, including poems, legends, chants and reminiscences.  (HSA)


Morris, Alldyth, 1901-1997
Typescripts of plays, related papers and correspondence.  (UHM - Rare Hawn)


Munn, Louisa (Clark), 1810-1841.
Letters, 1838-1840.  (HMCS)


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Na Leo Aloha.
Records, 1955-1971, of a women’s Hawaiian singing group. (unprocessed)  (HSA)


National League of American Pen Women, Honolulu Branch.
Records, 1936-1980, includes minutes of meetings, clippings, scrapbooks.  (UHM - Rare Hawn)


Neal, Marie Catherine, d. 1965.
Papers.  (BM)


Nef, Elinor Henry (Castle), 1894-1953.
Letters and papers, 1912-1935.  (HMCS)


Newcomb, Alice M.B. (Castle), 1888-1931.
Letters and estate, 1921-1934.  (HMCS)


Nurses Association, Territory of Hawaii.
Scrapbooks, 1918-1958.  (HSA)


Nye, Lydia Rider.
Papers, 1842-1847, including diaries of two sea voyages and daily life in Honolulu, 1842-1843, and correspondence.  (HSA)


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Ogden, Maria, 1792-1874.
Letters, 1828-1870; estate, 1874.  (HMCS)


Outdoor Circle.
Records, 1911-1967.  (HSA)


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Paris, Anna Matilda, 1843-1917.
Letters, 1895, 1916.  (HMCS)


Paris, Mary (Carpenter), 1815-1896.
Letters, 1851-1879.  (HMCS)


Paris, Mary (Grant), 1807-1847.
Letters, 1840-1843.  (HMCS)


Parker, Mary Elizabeth (Barker), 1805-1907.
Letters, 1832-1886; journals, 1824-1894.  (HMCS)


Pogue, Maria Kapule (Whitney), 1820-1900.
Letters, 1832-1878.  (HMCS)


Po'omaikelani, Princess, 1841-1895.
Papers, including land records.  (BM)


Porter, Roseamonde.
Papers (Elementary Education) includes materials on Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands, Guam and Hawaii post World War II.  (UHM - Archives)


Pukui, Mary Kawena, 1895-1986.
Papers, including Hawaiian ethnological notes, translations from Hawaiian language newspapers, and manuscripts on various topics.  (BM)


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Rath, Ragna Helsher, 1879-1981.
Co-author of manuscript, "Palama and James Arthur Rath," together with her husband James Arthur Rath of Palama Settlement in Honolulu.  (UHM - Rare Hawn)


Rice, Mary (Waterhouse), 1847-1933.
Letters, 1919-1933.  (HMCS)


Rice, Mary Sophia (Hyde), 1816-1911.
Letters, 1842-1908.  (HMCS)


Richards, Clarissa (Lyman), 1795-1861.
Letters, 1821-1861.  (HMCS)


Richards, Helen Clarissa, 1834-1860.
Letters, 1844-1860.  (HMCS)


Roberts, Helen.
Papers and mele collections, 1930s.  (BM)


Rogers, Elizabeth (Hitchcock), 1802-1857.
Letters, 1852, 1854.  (HMCS)


Rogers, Malvina Chapin (Rowell), 1843-1870.
Letters, 1859-1860.  (HMCS)


Rowell, Malvina Jerusha (Chapin), 1816-1901.
Letters, 1847-1886.  (HMCS)


Ruggles Family.
Correspondence, 1813-1824 (photocopies and transcripts) including letters of Lucia Ruggles Holman and Nancy Ruggles.  (BM)


Ruggles, Nancy (Wells), 1791-1873.
Letters, 1827-1833; journal, 1819.  (BM)


Ruth, Princess, 1826-1883.
SEE Ke'elikolani, Ruth, Princess, 1826-1883.


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Severance, Lucinda Maria (Clark), 1843-1921.
Letters, 1872-1878, 1886-1887, 1895.  (HMCS)


Shepard, Fanny Perkins (Andrews).
SEE Andrews, Fanny Perkins, 1856-1920.


Smith, Abigail Willis (Tenney), 1809-1885.
Letters, 1844-1884.  (HMCS)


Smith, Anna Juliette, 1857-1900.
Letters, 1886-1895; notebook, 1893-1895.  (HMCS)


Smith, Marcia Maria, 1806-1896.
Letters, 1839-1884.  (HMCS)


Smith, Melicent (Knapp), 1816-1891.
Letters, 1842-1887.  (HMCS)


Snow, Lydia Vose (Buck), 1840-1926.
Letters, 1864-1881.  (HMCS)


Spalding, Marie Kahler (Long), 1856-1936.
Notes and extracts from letters, Kilauea, Volcano House, 1904-1917.  (HHS)


Spaulding, Julia (Brooks), 1810-1898.
Letters to the family, 1832. (Typed copies)  (HHS)
Letters, 1832-1839.  (HMCS)


Sterling, Elspeth P., d. 1970.
Papers.  (BM)


Sturges, Susan (Thompson), 1820-1893.
Letters, 1852-1878.  (HMCS)


Summers, Catherine (Cooke), 1918-1996.
Papers.  (BM)


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Taylor, Emma Ahuena, 1866-1938.
Papers, including Fayerweather family correspondence, manuscripts of publications, and papers relating to her work on government commissions.  (HSA)


Taylor, Persis Goodale (Thurston), 1821-1906.
Letters, 1837-1895; journals, 1840, 1848.  (HMCS)


Tennent, Madeline "Madge," 1889-1972.
Papers, 1923-1968, including manuscripts of books, letters and scrapbooks with photographs of drawings and paintings.  (HSA)


Tenney, Wilhelmina, 1891-1951.
Papers, 1917-1941, including records of service during World War I.  (HSA)


Thurston, Lucy (Goodale), 1795-1876.
Letters, 1819-1876.  (HMCS)


Thurston, Sarah (Andrews), 1832-1899.
Letters, 1854-1891.  (HMCS)


Titcomb, Margaret, d. 1981.
Papers.  (BM)


Torrey, Lillie (Hart) Gay, 1871-1956.
Biography.  (BM)


Turner, Charlotte L., 1820-1900.
Letters, 1881-1886.  (HMCS)


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Ulunui Swimming Club.
Records, 1934-1971, including by-laws, rules, newsletters. (unprocessed)  (HSA)


University of Hawaii Commission on Status of Women, 1971-1978?
Minutes, reports, etc.  (UHM - Archives)


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Van Duzee, Oral (Hobart), 1814-1891.
Letters, 1835.  (HMCS)


Vickey, Mary Castle (Tenney).
Letters, 1909-1933.  (HMCS)


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Waialua Female Seminary.
Reports and correspondence, 1865-1880.  (HMCS)


Warinner, Emily V., 1883-1972.
Papers, 1931-1968, including historical research notes.  (HSA)


Webb, Elizabeth Lahilahi, 1862-1949.
Notes on various subjects of Hawaiian interest.  (BM)


Westervelt, Caroline (Castle), 1858-1941.
Letters, 1880-1881, 1902-1935.  (HMCS)


Westervelt, Louise (Clark), 1850-1904.
Letters, 1889-1891.  (HMCS)


Wetmore, Lucy Sheldon (Taylor), 1819-1883.
Letters, 1849, 1867; journal, 1848-1849.  (HMCS)


Whitney, Catherine Olivia (March), 1821-1896.
Letters, 1869-1870, 1880.  (HMCS)


Whitney, Louisa (Bailey).
Letters, 1871-1876.  (HMCS)


Whitney, Mary (Rice), 1826-1910.
Letters, 1871-1873, 1895.  (HMCS)


Whitney, Mercy (Partridge), 1795-1872.
Letters, 1819-1870; journals, 1819-1860.  (HMCS)


Whittlesey, Elizabeth Keene (Baldwin), 1821-1876.
Letters, 1846-1860, 1887.  (HMCS)


Wilcox, Elsie Hart, 1879-1954.
Letters, 1928-1940.  (HMCS)


Wilcox, Emma Washburn (Lyman), 1849-1934.
Letters, 1858-1888.  (HMCS)


Wilcox, Lucy Eliza (Hart), 1814-1869.
Letters, 1838-1861.  (HMCS)


Wilder, Elizabeth Kinau (Judd), 1831-1918.
Letters, 1845-1863; journals, 1843-1855.  (HMCS)


Wilder, Lillian Kimball.
Papers, 1930s and 1940s, primarily notes for newspaper articles on natural and cultural history of Pacific Islands.  (BM)


Wilson, Jennie (Kapahu), 1872-1962.
Papers, 1908-1962. (unprocessed)  (HSA)


Winne, Jane L., 1885-1976.
Papers on Hawaiiana and Hawaiian music, letters, biography and diary of Mary Persis Winne.  (BM)


[Women: Papers in Hawaii War Records Depository]  (UHM - Archives)
SEE separate section on Hawaii War Records Depository page.


Women’s Board of Missions of the Pacific.
Reports and correspondence, 1869-1946.  (HMCS)


Women’s Campus Club.
Records, photographs, 1920-1974.  (UHM - Archives)


Women’s War Work Council.
Records, 1917-1918, of an organization which acted as a clearinghouse for social activities for servicemen.  (HSA)


Woods, Elizabeth Kahanu (Princess Kalaniana'ole), 1879-1932.
Papers.  (BM)


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Yates, Emma Theodora (Paty), b. 1850.
Reminiscences of Honolulu.  (HHS)


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