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Electronic Resources Help

Troubleshooting connection problems

Please use the Electronic Resources link on the main library page to reach the Electronic Resources Search page.

If you have problems linking to a database or journal, or your browser does not respond as expected when you click on a link to try to pinpoint what the problem might be, try:

  • Clearing the cache, history and cookies from your browser
  • Using another browser (e.g. Opera from
  • Checking your Windows privacy settings (Win2000,Me,XP) to make sure they are not set to block all cookies
  • Checking your Windows or third party firewall settings to make sure connections via port 2048 are permitted
  • Checking to make sure your browser accepts cookies

If none of the above helps, see if the same problem occur if you try using a different computer located somewhere else? Are you linking to the library's electronic resource search page and then selecting a resource, rather than using a previously bookmarked link? If you have the same problem on different PCs and different resources, even after clearing files, changing settings and browser, please send more information via the Feedback Form

Locating Articles & Searching Data

Use this option to locate database citations and/or full text of articles. This search function does not search within journals - it is designed to help you identify database(s) and/or electronic journal(s) and then connect to those resources. To search for subjects, keywords, authors or titles of articles you must connect to the electronic resource (e.g. EbscoHost or ScienceDirect) from the resource description screen. The title of the resource is the link.

Electronic journals in large collections like EbscoHost, JSTOR, LexisNexis, etc. are not currently categorized by subject within this search system. They cannot be found using the pull down "Browse by Subject" option. You may locate these e-journals by searching words in the title.

Depictions of the parts of the search page are provided below as examples ONLY.

For example
§To view a browse list of DATABASES & INDEXES ONLY (no individual journal or newspaper titles) UNCHECK all boxes EXCEPT the one labelled "index" then press "SEARCH".

§ Use the BROWSE BY TITLE option to view a list of ALL electronic resources - including indexes, databases, journals and newspapers - sorted alphabetically by title of the resource

Browse by title: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

§ Enter KNOWN TITLES to jump directly to the specific link. If you are not sure of the exact or complete name of a database, enter as much of the first word and select the EXACT PHRASE option.
§Enter KEYWORDS or PHRASES from a title, or in a particular subject area. To narrow your results - search for the words or phrases ONLY in the TITLES (unclick the box labelled "description").

Type in word(s) to search resource title description
Any words All Words Exact Phrase (left anchored, right truncated)

NOTE: The "All Words" button performs a Boolean AND search. The "Any Words" button performs a Boolean OR search. You do not need to input AND or OR in the search box.

§ If you do not have a specific database or journal title in mind, use the subject selections to view a list of all electronic resources in a general topic area.
§To view databases which cover multiple subjects, choose the heading DATABASES & INDEXES (BHSD) - if you also know the first word or part of the first word in the name of a multi-subject database enter it in the search box.
§ To view a list of all resources in a particular subject area - choose a subject from the drop-down list then press "SEARCH". If you want to view only databases and indexes in a subject - select from the drop-down list and also UNCHECK all boxes EXCEPT the one labelled "index" then press "SEARCH".

Browse by subject:

§ To view databases, journals and newspapers (NOT individual articles) added within the last month, click the button labelled "4 weeks".

Resources added in the last   4 weeks  All

§ To view a list that contains ONLY DATABASES (no individual journal or newspaper titles) UNCHECK all boxes EXCEPT the one labelled "index".
§ To see a list of all resources that have no license restrictions UNCHECK all boxes EXCEPT the one labelled "Unrestricted"

Indexes Journals Online books
Unrestricted (free access) only

§ You may select the number of titles listed on the search results screen by selecting one of the four options (10, 20, 50, or 100 records)


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