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Blount Report: Affairs in Hawaii

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               1332	Hawaiian Islands.

several representatives in such manner as be sees fit; provided, however, that no fractional division of a vote other 
than one-half shall be counted.
The required number of candidates receiving the highest number of votes in the respective representative districts 
shall be the representatives for such districts.

Article 74.-Qualifications of voters for representatives.

In order to be eligible to vote for representatives, a person shall-
1. Be a male citizen of the Republic; and if a citizen naturalized prior to January 17, 1893, possessed at such time of 
the privilege of voting for representatives; or,
Have received letters of denization entitling him to the privileges of Hawaiian citizenship; or,
Have received from the minister of the interior the certificate of service herein provided for;
2. Have resided in the representative district in which he offers to register not less than one month immediately 
preceding the time at which he offers to register;
3. Have attained the age of twenty-one years;
4. Have taken and subscribed the oath set forth in article 100 of this constitution;
5. Prior to each regular election, during the time prescribed by law for registration, have caused his name to be 
entered on the register of voters for representatives for his district;
6. Prior to such registration have paid, on or before the first day of January next preceding the date of registration, 
all taxes due by him to the Government;
7. Be able understandingly to speak, read, and write the English or Hawaiian language.
In order to comply with this requirement he shall be able to write and read with ordinary fluency any section or 
sections of this constitution.
Provided, however, that the requirement that he shall be able understandingly to speak, read, and write the English 
or Hawaiian language shall not apply to those persons who registered to vote for delegates to the constitutional 
convention at the election held on May 2, 1894.

Article 75.-Method of voting for senators.

Each voter for senators may cast one vote only for each senator to be elected from the senatorial district in which he 
is entitled to vote.
The required number of candidates receiving the highest number of votes in the respective senatorial districts shall 
be the senators for such districts.
Article 76.-Qualifications of voters for senators.

In order to be eligible to vote for senators, a person must possess all the qualifications and be subject to all the 
conditions required by this constitution of voters for representatives, and, in addition thereto, he shall own and be 
possessed in his own right of property in the Republic of the value of not less than three thousand dollars over and 
above all incumbrances; or shall have actually received a money income of not less than nine hundred dollars during 
the year next preceding the first day of April nest preceding the date of each registration; for the proof of which he 
may be required to produce original accounts of the receipt of such income.

Article 77.

Section 1. No person shall vote for the election of representatives or senators unless he is qualified as herein 
required and unless his name is entered by a board of registration upon the register of voters as herein provided.

Registration boards.

Sec. 2. For the purpose of examining applicants for registration as voters, and determining their eligibility, there 
shall be, and hereby are, constituted four boards of registration, one in each senatorial district, to consist of three 
members each, who shall be, until otherwise provided bylaw, a circuit judge and the tax assessor in chief resident in 
such district and one other competent and impartial person appointed by the President upon the nomination of the 
minister of the interior.
Time of meeting.

Sec. 3. The boards of registration shall meet, within thirty days after this constitution takes effect, for the purpose of 
registering persons entitled to be registered to vote for Senators and Representatives, and shall continue to meet at 
such points 

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