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Blount Report: Affairs in Hawaii

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               HAWAIIAN   ISLANDS.					1333

within their respective districts for such time as will give all persons entitled to register a reasonable opportunity so 
to do.
Sec. 4. The boards shall meet within their respective districts at such times between the first day of April and the 
thirtieth day of June in the year 1897, and between such days in each second year thereafter, as many times as may 
be necessary to enable them to register all persons entitled to register.

Register at special elections.

Sec. 5. At any intermediate special election the register of voters used at the last proceeding general election shall be 
used without change.

Register at first election.

Sec. 6. At the first election held under this constitution the register of voters who registered for the election of 
delegates to the constitutional convention on May 2, 1894, shall be the register of voters for representatives without 
further application to be registered by the voters whose names appear thereupon.
Such register shall be subject to additions or corrections in accordance with the provisions of this constitution.
Sec. 7. No name shall be placed upon the register of voters for Senators, for use at the first election hereunder, nor 
upon the register of voters for either Senators or Representatives to be used at any future election, except upon the 
personal appearance of the applicant.

Examination of applicants.

Sec. 8. Each applicant to be placed upon the register of voters for either Senators or Representatives shall, upon each 
application for registration, be examined under oath by the board of registration as to each one of the required 
Provided, however, That after an applicant shall once have passed an examination concerning his ability 
understandingly to speak, read, and write the English or Hawaiian language, it shall be at the discretion of the board 
to examine him further or not concerning such qualifications.
The examination of the applicant and of all witnesses examined before any board of registration shall be under oath, 
administered by any of the members of such board, who are hereby authorized to administer oaths for such purpose.
The examination, number of witnesses, and time or times of examination shall be under the reasonable control and 
discretion of the board.

Powers of board.

Sec. 9. Each board of registration is hereby given all of the powers and authority for the summoning and 
examination of witnesses and the maintenance of order, including the power to punish for contempt, by law given to 
circuit courts.	


Sec. 10. Any person who shall, under oath, knowingly make any false statement before any such board, or who, 
knowing that he is not entitled to register or to vote, shall so register or vote, shall be guilty of the offense of perjury.

Summary committal for perjury.

Sec. 11. The several boards are hereby given power to summarily commit any person for trial for perjury committed 
before any such board, if, in their opinion, there is probable cause to believe that, upon the trial, such person would 
be convicted of such offense.


Sec. 12. Any lawful voter may challenge the right to register of any person claiming to he eligible to register as a 
voter; cross-examine the applicant, and any witness produced by him, and produce and examine witnesses against 
such eligibility.
Sec. 13. No board of registration shall enter the name of any person upon the register of voters until satisfied that 
such person possesses the requisite qualifications.

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