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Blount Report: Affairs in Hawaii

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              1392      			RECENT  INSURRECTION   IN  THE   HAWAIIAN   ISLANDS.

This telegram and Mr. Willis's dispatch, No. 81, of the same date, were given to the press on their receipt. Copies 
are also hereto appended.
Although not directly responsive to the resolution, copies are submitted of correspondence exchanged with the 
United States legation at Honolulu in regard to alleged filibustering movements and apprehended shipments of arms 
from San Francisco in November last.
The Department of State has no information in regard to any intervention by representatives of Great Britain to 
prevent the application of martial law as proclaimed by the Hawaiian Government to those concerned in the recent 
rebellion who claim to be British subjects, or of any foreign representations whatever in the case other than a state-
ment, contained in a note of the Hawaiian minister to the undersigned under date of January 20 last, that "the British 
commissioner at Honolulu, Mr. Hawes, has called upon the Government of Hawaii to give him assurances that no 
capital punishment will be inflicted upon the insurrectionists, there being fifteen Englishmen under arrest, which 
requested assurance the Government has refused to give." Copies of this note of Mr. Thurston and of the reply of the 
undersigned are also annexed.
Respectfully submitted.								W. Q. Gresham.

Department of State,
Washington, February 4, 1895.

No. 1.

Mr. Willis to Mr. Gresham.
No. 75. ]					Legation of the United States
Honolulu, Hawaiian Islands, November 10, 1894.
Sir: I inclose herewith for your information copy of communication just received from Hon, Francis M. Hatch, 
minister of foreign affairs. Upon receipt of above I sent you, in cipher, the following telegram: " Steamer Rosalie or 
Alexandria reported to be shipping arms at San Francisco against this Government."
Very respectfully,						Albert S. Willis.

Department of Foreign Affairs, 
Honolulu, Hawaiian Islands, November 10, 1894. 
Sir: Information has just been received at this office tending to show that a filibustering expedition against this 
Government is being fitted out in San Francisco, and that one of the following vessels, the Rosalie or the 
Alexandria, will be used for the purpose. The information points more strongly to the latter.
I desire to ask the good offices of your Government to prevent the shipment of arms on these vessels for such 
purpose. I have the honor to be, your obedient servant,
Francis M. Hatch, Minister of Foreign Affairs. 

His Excellency Albert S. Willis.

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