Earl Ernst Lab Theatre located on the mauka side of Kennedy Theater

Earle Ernst (xxxx-1994)
Earle Ernst's novel FINDING MONJU, contains this account:
Earle Ernst was a lifelong enthusiast for all things Japanese. Stationed in that country from 1944 Dr Ernst was in charge of the censorship program of Japanese legitimate theatre during the American Occupation. He returned to the US in 1947 and has been widely credited with reviving Japanese theatre studies at the University of Hawaii-Manoa, in the jingoistic years immediately following WW2.

His career at the University spanned 32 years and was marked by accomplishments such as the design of the Kennedy Theatre, with its full Kabuki stage - a rarity outside Japan. The author of the seminal work THE KABUKI THEATRE first published in 1956 and the editor of THREE JAPANESE PLAYS in 1959. FINDING MONJU is his only novel. Dr. Ernst was born in Mifflin, Pennsylvania. He died in Honolulu in 1994, aged 82.

* Submitted by his colleague, Terence Knapp


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