Everly Hall

HUBERT V. EVERLY, after whom Everly Hall was recently named arrived in Hawai'i in 1933 at age 18 with the thought of becoming a park ranger, or maybe even a volcanologist. He becamethe first principal of the University High School, and in 1956 became Dean of the College of Education. During Everly's tenure, the name was changed from Teachers College to College of Education recognizing that it prepared school administrators, librarians and counselors. Frequently challenged by both political opponents and the College of Arts and Science faculty, Everly had little support from the University and often turned directly to friends in the legislature to secure funds and to have buildings erected.

University photo

Everly began, in cooperation with the DOE, the Beginning Teacher Development Program, which provided mentoring of all new teachers by those DOE teachers and College faculty who had been supervising interns. After a couple of years, a shortage of teachers forced the DOE to put its BTDP mentors into regular classrooms and the College pulled its supervisors back to the campus to meet increased enrollment. Everly reached mandatory retirement age in 1979.

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