Henke Hall

LOUIS ALBERT HENKE (1889-1985 ), for whom Henke Hall is named, was a UH professor of animal husbandry from 1916-1954 and the author of many bulletins and circulars in that field. Henke received a B.S. and a M.S. from the University of Wisconsin before his appointment to UH. His appointment signaled a new commitment on the part of the university (then college) to serious research in agriculture. He liked to recall the days when everything on campus east of Varney Circle used to be his experimental farm. His experiments with sugar cane waste and pineapple waste led the development of low cost feeds for island livestock, thus reducing the need for imported feeds (although in later years concerns for residual pesticides ended that program). He was assistant director and then director of the Experiment Station from 1937 until his retirement. Henke remained active on campus well into his nineties.

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