Holmes Hall

WILFRID JAY HOLMES (1900-1986), for whom Holmes Hall is named, came to the University in 1936, after retiring from the Navy. In 1941, he returned to the Navy to serve as an intelligence officer on Admiral Chester W. Nimitz's staff, where he later was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal. Returning to the engineering faculty in 1946, he served as Dean of Engineering, Dean of Administration, and as Vice President, retiring from the University in 1965.

University photo by Masao Miyamoto

Holmes also wrote short stories and technical articles using the name "Alec Hudson." Using his own name, he also published Undersea Victory, a book on WWII submarine warfare, and Double-Edged Secrets based on his WWII naval intelligence work.

* Kobayashi, Victor N. Building a Rainbow (Hui o Students, University of Hawaii at Manoa, 1983)


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