Klum Gym

OTTO KLUM (1875-1944), for whom Klum Gym is named, was a legendary UH football coach from 1921 until 1939. He was one of the most successful UH coaches in history with a career record of 84-51-7. He was the first Hawai'i coach to take his team to the mainland: they traveled by steamer, a voyage of five days (unfortunately the team lost to the Pomona Sagehens, 14-7 at Pasadena.) His 1925 "Wonder Team" had a season without loses. Klum's colorful personality and coaching style provided sportswriters with good copy. He was called the "Manoa Fox" and during the Klum era the UH football team became the "Rainbows". This happened in the 1922-23 season when the UH team was locked in a scoreless tie. A rainbow appeared over the field, the UH team scored, and, thanks to the sports pages, the "Rainbows" were born. Many lamented the recent name change of the team to "Warriors".

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Klum was fired by the Board of Regents in 1939. The firing was not because of a lack of ability, instead, said the Regents, UH needed a full time football coach. Klum had asked that he be in Hawai'i only during the four-month football season so that he could attend to his Oregon sheep ranch and a plant in California where he manufactured tackling dummies.

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