McCarthy Mall

CHARLES J. MCCARTHY (1861-1929), for whom McCarthy Mall is named, was fifth governor of the Territory of Hawai'i. The mall is so named because it was built on the former McCarthy Road named, it was named the "McCarthy Pedestrian Mall" in 1961. The next year it was designated "The Mall." but now the name has been officially restored to its full form.

McCarthy was born in Boston and came to Hawai'i in 1881 as a representative of a fruit wholesaler. He was a member of the Honolulu Rifles. McCarthy's career spanned the monarchy and territorial years of Hawai'i. Following the overthrow of the monarchy, he served as a territorial senator, as treasurer of the city, and later, as treasurer of the territory. Woodrow Wilson appointed McCarthy as governor in 1918 and he served in that capacity until 1921. He was a champion for Hawaii statehood. His later business interests included work with the Hawaiian Dredging Co. on the project to reclaim sections of Waikiki.

Courtesy SB Printers Photo (1930)

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