Miller Hall

CAREY DUNLAP MILLER (1893-1985), for whom Miller Hall in named, was a UH food and nutrition professor and department chair from 1922-1958. She was educated at the University of California-Berkeley and Columbia University. She arrived in Honolulu with an entourage of 12 laboratory rats, to be used in the founding of a nutrition research program in Hawaii. Over the years, her collection of research rats flourished , becoming especially notorious when she named many of them for UH professors. Under her direction, the UH home economics department grew from one student majoring in the field to 190 student majors. She was active in research, and paid particular attention to improving local diets. She was a strong advocate for the nutritional benefits of locally-grown pineapples and guavas. Miller was the author of many scientific articles. Her best know book, Fruits of Hawaii, is still in print. It contains one of her most famous recipes, the Truman Coconut Cream Pie, named for a pie served to President Harry Truman when he visited Hawaii.
University photo by Masao Miyamoto

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