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Repeatable Fields

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Adams, Andrew$$Baker, Bob$$Clark, Charles


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Example Template File

dcterms:date dcterms:rights dcterms:title dcterms:type dcterms:alternative dcterms:contributor dcterms:creator dcterms:dateCopyrighted dcterms:description dcterms:language dcterms:abstract dcterms:bibliographicCitation dcterms:contributor-ids dcterms:creator-ids dcterms:extent dcterms:spatial dcterms:hasVersion dcterms:identifier dcterms:isPartOf dcterms:isReplacedBy dcterms:isVersionOf dcterms:provenance dcterms:replaces dcterms:rightsHolder dcterms:source dcterms:subject dcterms:tableOfContents dcterms:temporal filename
Date (M) Rights (M) Title (M) Type (M) Alternative title (MA) Contributor (MA) Creator (MA) Date copyrighted (MA) Description (MA) Language (MA) Abstract (R) Bibliographic citation (R) Contributor identifier(s) (R) Contributor role (R) Creator identifier(s) (R) Creator role (R) Digital specifications (R) Extent (R) Format (R) Geographic location (R) Has Version (R) Identifier (R) Is Part Of (R) Is Replaced By (R) Is Version Of (R) Provenance (R) Replaces (R) Rights holder (R) Source (R) Subject (R) Table of contents (R) Time period (R) Files
The dot and the line
Monarch butterfly
Danaus plexippus
Title: The U.S. Economy
Alternative title: The United States Economy
Alternative title: The US Economy
Alternative title: U.S. Economy
Thoreau, Henry David, 1817-1862
Honolulu Museum of Art
Bernstein, Leonard, 1918-1990 2020 Photograph of Honolulu Hale with spectators in the foreground, Mr. John Wilson and family in Downtown Honolulu.

In this dissertation, I report the first thorough investigation and analysis of the nonlinear mode competition and mode evolution from the small signal regime through deep saturation using a time domain full particle simulation code based on the fundamental FEL equations of motion. It is found that the passive eigenmode theory of multimirror resonator FEL is not fully applicable in the large signal saturated regime. Extreme mode competition at the midpoint-phase offset versus beamsplitter reflectance indicating enhanced single mode operation is also discovered. In addition, matrix analysis including the proper form of the FEL gain saturation and the phase of the complex gain is also performed. editor, translator, interviewee, participant author
scanned at 600 dots per inch 14 pages
93 minutes
10 x 6 cm
TGN: Vesuvius, Mount (peak) or
Mount Vesuvius (volcano)

LCSH: Vesuvius (Italy)
URI of for a screenplay that was adapted from the described novel.

URI for a later edition or version of the described resource.
DB1-156 The URI for the journal issue in which the described article is published. The URI for a novel on which the described screenplay was based

The title of an earler version of the resource.

The URI for an earlier edition or version of the described resource.
Owned by John Doe 1915-1925; ownership transferred to Jill Doe 1926-1946. ISBN: 1587170663 Education
Art house cinemas
Fresco painters
United States. Department of Agriculture
Mink, Patsy T., 1927-2002
Overview -- Assessment of the project -- Yearly summary -- Problems and issues -- Forecasting. 1984
1901-2000 (for 20th century)