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Blount Report: Affairs in Hawaii

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              HAWAIIAN   ISLANDS.	967
and Wilder, they all being ill. Mr. James B. Castle was present, taking the place of AV. K. Castle, and C. L. Carter 
taking the place of Thurston. There were also present by invitation Alexander Young, J. H. Soper, Cecil Brown, H. 
P. Baldwin, and F. W. Wundenburg. 
Previous to this meeting, beginning with the meeting on Saturday afternoon, the suggestion of sending the 
Claudine to San Francisco with dispatches to the United States Government was discussed, and at this meeting 
Monday evening it was moved that she be sent at once to San Francisco. The motion was amended that action be 
deferred until after the establishment of the Provisional Government. Amendment carried.
A committee of two, consisting of C. Bolte and C. L. Carter, was appointed to make a list to form an executive 
council of five members and an advisory council of eight members. Before this it had been suggested that Judge 
Dole be chosen to act as the head of the government. After some discussion Mr. Bolte was appointed a committee to 
wait upon Judge Dole and to invite his attendance at the meeting, and after an absence of some length Mr. Bolte 
returned with Judge Dole. And Judge Dole was not willing to consent at that time, stating that he did not favor fully 
the idea of annexation at this time and asked if it would not be better to have a regent here and Kaiulani declared the 
Queen. But after discussion he consented to take the matter under further consideration and let us know his decision 
the next day at 12 o'clock, the committee endeavoring to persuade him. He recognized that the logical events and 
manifest destiny of the island was annexation, but he did not know whether it was the wisest step now. There is no 
doubt that the Queen has vacated the throne.
He said that if he did decide to join us he would first resign as judge of the supreme court. P. C. Jones, S. M. 
Damon, Cecil Brown, J. A. King, and W. O. Smith were suggested to serve on the executive council, which was 
contemplated as five. Mr. Cecil Brown refused. Mr. Soper was requested to take the place of commander of the 
military forces, and he accepted conditionally. A finance committee of three was appointed, consisting of 
McCandless, McChesney, and J. B. Castle, to collect the lists of arms and ammunition and buy or otherwise procure 
the same.
At 10 o'clock the next day, January 17, the committee met at the office of W. O. Smith, and Mr. C. L. Carter, on 
behalf of the committee, reported the names of those who had consented to go upon the executive and advisory 
councils. It was voted that the advisory committee be increased from eight to thirteen, and additional names be 
suggested to the committee, from whom they could select the five additional names. Various names were suggested. 
It was voted that the committee request Mr. Wilder to report if the Claudine could be chartered to go to San 
Francisco and at what cost. It was voted that the Inter-island steamship companies be requested not to allow any 
vessels to leave for the other islands before 10 o'clock on the nest day. At 11 o'clock the judge came before the 
committee and stated that he would accept the position as chairman of the executive council.
It was voted that the executive council be S. B. Dole, J. A. King, P. C. Jones, W. O. Smith, and C. Bolte, and that 
the advisory council consist of S. M. Damon, L. A. Thurston, J. Emmeluth, J. A. McCandless, P. W. McChesney, 
W. R. Castle, W. C. Wilder, Andrew Brown, J. F. Morgan, H. Waterhouse, E. D. Tenney, F. Wilhelm, and W. G. 
Ashley. During the meeting in the forenoon Mr. S. M. Damon came in and reported that he had had an interview 
with the Queen, in which

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