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Hawaiian Language Newspapers

In 1997 Hamilton Library began a pilot project to make selected, heavily used Hawaiian language newspapers available to students throughout the state of Hawaii who have access to the World Wide Web (WWW). These historical newspapers, published from the mid-nineteenth through the early twentieth centuries in Hawaii, were only available stored on microfilm. In an effort to make the information ccessible in places where local libraries did not have the microfilm or were unable to provide long hours of service, the pilot project goal was to digitallly scan selected articles pertinent to Hawaiian language and history courses and selected rolls of particularly significant Hawaiian language newspapers, index the images on a basic level, and mount them on a server for access via the World Wide Web.

The original five-month project (February-June 1997) was designed to identify the problems and issues related to making microfilmed Hawaiian language materials more widely available through use of digital technology. This project was funded by a Student Equity, Excellence and Diversity President's Diversity And Equity Initiative Grant to support extending efforts of the University to provide for the preservation and access of our cultural and scholarly heritage.

Additional SEED grants were received in 1998 and 1999, and a large 2-year grant from the federal agency,the Institute for Museum & Library Services (IMLS), for 1999-2000 continued the work. Alu Like and Bishop Museum are now continuing the newspaper scanning project on the Hawaiian Nupepa Collection web site [http://]

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